In our business we have built some great relationships with suppliers and partners that we can rely on. By knowing and understanding the school catering market and the way that we work we can trust them to ensure that their services meet our expectations and those of our customers too.

For specialist cleaning, we use Insuraclean who carry out scheduled school kitchen deep cleans for us. They also have the expertise in grease extraction duct cleaning and ventilation duct cleaning. Their proactive approach and meticulous planning means that we can keep our responsibilities in this area under control.

For school drink solutions our partner is Blue Mountain Refreshments who provides countertop vending machines for iced fruit drinks, hot chocolate and coffee – all of which are very popular in schools. Their brand new machines can be supplied free (on loan) to schools along with any supplies and are great profit makers that can help school budgets. The machines can be operated and maintained very easily and so we are assured that our customers have a reliable and popular drinks solution for their schools.